Vendors needed August 11th  2018 

Food Trucks. 325$ small400$ big ( No electrical hook up )

Must have BC Certification/permit and we have to give your name to the Town of Ladysmith Park and recreation and to Vancouver Island health.

Lets try to keep it green!

We talk with all of our vendors and service providers to make sure that everything that they sell and consume on site can be sustainability disposed of. That means no Styrofoam and no unnecessary packaging!

Craft vendors. 275$

Retail vendors.275$

Take note, The date at transfer beach is a free entrance for everyone.

Free Reggae , Big names, Nice stage, lots of people$

12pm to 8pm.

Please send us a picture of your set up and take a moment to read over our guidelines.
payment must be received 2 week prior to festival with deposit of $ half  when your application is accepted.

Deadline march 31

To ensure that the selection process is fair and that every applicant has an equal opportunity to become a vendor, we consider the following questions when reviewing each application:

  • Proposed menu: Does the menu offering contribute to the Festival’s goal of featuring a diverse selection of food and beverages to compliment its dedication to presenting, preserving, and promoting cultural traditions from around the world? What are the prices? Does the menu include affordable options? Does the menu include options for restricted dietary needs?
  • Alignment with the Festival’s values: Does the menu offering align with the Festival’s ongoing efforts towards a waste-free Festival? Does the menu convey a focus on local, ethical and sustainable practices?
  • Evidence of compliance with BC’s Food Premises Regulation: Has the vendor been inspected? If yes, do the inspections indicate a pattern of compliance with the Regulation? Are there any outstanding compliance issues noted on the inspection reports? If yes, are those issues critical or non-critical?
  • Registration with WorkSafeBC: Is the vendor registered with WorkSafeBC? If yes, is the account active or inactive? If the account is active, is it in good standing (to the “Clear to” or “Paid to” date indicated on the clearance letter) or is it delinquent? If the account is inactive, was it in good standing (to the “Paid to” date) or was it delinquent?
  • Please note: The Festival is dedicated to creating a memorable experience for all patrons of the Festival. One way it achieves this is by offering a diverse selection of food and by doing its best to ensure that menu items offered by vendors are not too similar. The Festival does not, however, guarantee any vendor – other than its sponsors – exclusive rights to sell items on site. If you are interested in exploring how to be an exclusive supplier of your signature item, please email the Food Vendor Coordinator at
    Please be prepared to provide electronic photos of your vending space upon request.
    Applications will be considered complete upon receipt of deposit. If accepted for participation in the 2018 One love Music Festival, you will be notified by email on or before April 1st, 2018.